Participatory Rural Planning

کتاب لاتین و بسیار مفید برنامه ریزی روستایی مشارکتی

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  • This book was completed during an extended period of research leave. I wish to
    acknowledge the financial support of the Irish Social Sciences Platform (ISSP)
    funded under the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions, administered
    by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and co-funded under the European
    Regional Development Fund (ERDF). I would like to thank the National Institute
    of Regional and Spatial Analysis at National University of Ireland Maynooth for its
    invitation to Queen’s University Belfast to join ISSP and, in particular, Jim Walsh,
    Rob Kitchin and Brendan Bartley in that institution. My thanks are extended to
    Clive Robinson, Bill Deddis and Louise McNeill for teaching cover and to Julie
    Crawford for her help as a research intern during that time.
    It is appropriate that I thank colleagues, especially the late John Greer, at Queen’s
    University Belfast for their support during a variety of research projects, some of
    which are mentioned in this book. Mark Scott at University College Dublin is also
    deserving of my thanks. My interest in participatory planning has been enriched
    by collaborative research in the United States and within that arena it has been my
    good fortune to work closely over a number of years with Larry Dunn (Colorado
    State University), Bob Lovan (United States Department of Agriculture) and the
    late Ron Shaffer (University of Wisconsin – Madison). Their valuable insights
    have aided my understanding of this topic.
    The case study material draws, in part, on a series of commissioned research
    projects that required collaboration with a wide range of organisations from
    the public, community and voluntary sectors. In this regard I would like to
    acknowledge grant aid received from the Department of Agriculture and Rural
    Development in Northern Ireland, Rural Development Council, Rural Community
    Network, Northern Ireland Housing Executive, Northern Ireland Economic
    Council and North-South Rural Voice. The willingness of many local authorities,
    rural communities and community-based organisations across the island of Ireland
    to work with the academy on participatory planning projects has been invaluable.

    برچسب ها: Participatory Rural Planning Policy

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